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Optimize your energy needs.

We excel in designing and developing solar solutions for maximizing performance and financial returns for your commercial property.

Roof Mounted

Great for commercial properties with large roof clearance.

Ground Mounted

Optimal for commercial properties with significant ground space.

Carports & Canopies

Perfect for commercial spaces with substantial parking lots.

Maximize Your Savings

Save more with Bright World.

The average business saves per year:

$ 0 +

Increase your business cashflow.

Not your energy expenses.

Financing Pathways

Capital handled on your terms.

We partner with the best financial institutions in the space to provide you with a wide variety of options for financing your commercial project.

Options include:

  • Loans (several options)
  • PPA (on Systems over 30kw)
  • HDM Capital
  • Tax Lease
  • Capital Lease
  • Cash

"From spending half a million dollars to produce almonds, to a fixed cost of less than 50% of that -I see it as a no-brainer with a huge ROI. Absolutely recommend it."

Johnathan O’Donnel

Lifelong Almond Farmer

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Save more with Bright World.

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