Join Our Affiliate Program

Inspire, educate and empower your clients to go solar.

What is the affiliate partner program?

We believe in strong referral partnerships.

Our objective is to partner with professionals of all industries throughout the United States.

What do we want to accomplish?

Our goal is to create a mutually beneficial partnership where we, as a premier solar company provide you with resources, industry knowledge, and the attention that your clients need in an effort to help them transition to clean energy.

Why would your clients go solar?

From financial, to environmentally conscious and freedom granting, there’s plenty of reasons why people make the switch.

Below is a list of how your clients can directly benefit from transitioning to solar energy:


Up to 26% Solar Tax Incentive

Increase Home Value

On average, home value increases about 4.1% according to

Great for The Environment

100% Clean Renewable Energy

Lower Electric Bill

Guaranteed Fixed Monthly Bill for 25 Years $0 Down Payment $0 Out of Pocket Expense

Power Outage Protections

Battery storage keeps the lights on in a power outage

How do your clients go solar?

Different plans for the best product solution.

How do you and your client win?

It meets their needs.

You'd be doing your clients a disservice by NOT referring them to a trusted source, for a product or service that is applicable to their needs.

It's easy for you.

Your clients trust you. They're likely to accept a recommendation from you before they accept a door-to-door rep or a cold call. 

You'd make more.

Why would you settle for less income when the opportunity for MORE is right in front of you?

Join our affiliate program.

Help your clients and make more.

Want to learn more before joining?

Book a call with one of our team members:

Commonly Asked Questions

An introduction to concerns your clients are likely to present you with. 

10 year roof penetration warranty included.
If they need a re-roof, we can roll that into their solar loan.

Their solar loan may be able to transfer to the new homebuyer, passing the solar benefits as well.

Our financing partners stand by their 25 year Bumper to Bumper Warranties. They include system monitoring, system diagnosis, corrective maintenance, hassle-free management of repairs & replacements.

Yes, as long as your client has the space and capacity for more solar panels.