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Our mission is to provide a clear path to clean energy for all while maintaining an unmatched client experience.

We are spearheading the movement to provide a clean environment for our future generations.

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Every decision they make is based on providing you with the best solar experience possible. Making that a reality all starts with empowering a team to deliver exceptional service.


Alex Valle

Alex Valle

His role as CEO requires a relentless pursuit of excellence. We are an organization fueled by passion towards helping others and creating a positive impact in our world. This important mission demands his integration across all the different departments within our organization. He prioritizes ensuring it as a necessary part of his duties and obligations. His primary focus lies in expansion and developing new markets, overseeing energy consultant training and team development, improving continuously in our lead generation efforts and data management, leadership development, and perfecting the client experience.


Sandra Valle

Sandra Valle

Her role as Chief Operations Officer is to create a seamless backend experience for our clients. She does this by ensuring our energy experts are equipped with transparency, accountability, and resources to properly manage our solar projects, and to develop systems that improve all aspects of our operation. With her background being in sociology and criminal justice, maintaining the discipline and order across our operations is a non-negotiable for her. She knows that Bright World will be a household brand and the best solar company in the country.


Victor Ramos

Victor Ramos

He joined Bright World to develop a sustainable energy infrastructure to support the full spectrum of our stakeholders – dealer partners, lead generation partners, and management teams. By providing financial and analytical insight, he ensures that all our partners have the necessary information & data to continue powerful collaboration that allows us to deliver value to the families we help transition to solar energy. When he's not standing behind his desk, he enjoys spending time with his wife (his high-school sweetheart) two Golden Retrievers AND two Birman cats at home. If he has a moment to himself, he enjoys road cycling or 3-putting his way around a golf course.


Nikko Rios

Nikko Rios

His role as Chief Sales Officer lays the foundation and develops the infrastructure maintaining our unmatched customer experience. He works closely with our team members and plays an integral part in securing that each one of us is equipped with the proper training and resources to serve our clients with the highest standards of care within the renewable energy space. He bares the responsibility of sustaining the groundwork everything here at Bright World rests upon --a seamless experience for our clients.

VP of Business Development

Maribel Ramos

Maribel Ramos

Our Vice President of Business Development, Maribel, joined Bright World in 2021 to identify, develop, and maintain strategic partnerships that create opportunities for affiliates. Her role focuses on providing support to other professionals as they seek to educate clients regarding solar solutions, establishing relationships with industry stakeholders, and developing contacts in other industries. Outside of work, Maribel enjoys time spent with her wife and two beautiful fur children.

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As the premier choice for residential and commercial renewable energy, we have been helping our residents benefit from going solar since 2019. We’ve created the best partnerships to assist in our installation projects, wherever you may be. Our solar installations are always performed by industry leading installers. We provide an unmatched level of quality, control and peace of mind, by making sure our solar projects are always done right.

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Our positive footprint on the planet reaches beyond what we do for the environment. 

We’re always looking to give a helping hand to communities in need.

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Growing our contribution towards a better tomorrow.

For every solar system we install, we plant 5 trees to further expand the positive impact we have on our planet.

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